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Simple And Fun To Make Crafts

Welcome to Judy's Artwork Howto. Here you'll find an increasing display of easy wood crafts and other craft projects for kids and crafters. There's an ever growing holiday crafts section in addition to other categories. Simply pick a crafting category from the selection at left.

Most of the crafts are wood based, and use wood shapes easily available from craft material providers. Simple craft making tools, glue, paint, Styrofoam, and craft embellishments like beads and ribbon make up most decorations. There are also some floral crafts for flower crafters.

Every effort has been made to deliver the utmost clarity in the construction of the crafts. The crafts are designed to be easy to make. Here you'll find instructions lavishly illustrated with clean, easy to understand pictures.

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All American Dad Mug

We also make a lot of digital art designs like the All American Dad design shown above, available on posters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other products. We use both the wonderful and freely available GIMP program and the Mtpaint program for creating the digital designs. Mtpaint is the simpler of the two graphic design programs, and is ample for most work. GIMP is more capable, and is used when special graphic operations are required. Here, for example, is a sample of one of our designs. Simply refresh the page to see another

I invite you to enjoy the crafting experience offered to you at this web site. If you wish to contact me about the web site, you can do it here: .

Amazon Craft Supplies

Amazon Craft Supplies

Our Digital Designs

We also design graphical art for sale on t-shirts, sweatshirts, lady's shirts, and coffee mugs. Below you can see some examples of our designs. Themes include humorous bowling shirts, funny science shirts, computer nerd shirts, comical gag shirts, witty science limerick shirts, and abstract art shirts.

Just do a page reload to see other examples, pulled at random from our design stock.